Do I have to carry an ID Card on me/with me? Is there an obligation to carry a form of ID? If I don’t what are the consequences?

It’s not compulsory to carry an ID, but under certain circumstances it is compulsory to show an ID to an officer when asked to do so. A professional football game is such an circumstance.

Is the usage or possession of pyrotechnics legal inside and/or outside the stadia?

Pyrotechnics are forbidden as well inside as outside stadiums.

What are the regulations about buying/selling tickets on the “black market”?

Selling tickets on the black market is not illegal according to national law, but it’s an offense under local law. A person who’s arrested for selling tickets on the black market can be hold by the police for 6 hours. The hours between 0:00 and 9:00 A.M. are not taken into account for these 6 hours.

Buying tickets on the black market is legal.

What happens in case I’m arrested?

– For how long can you be held at the police station/in prison at maximum?

1. A suspect can be hold by the police for 6 hours to interview him. The hours between 0:00 and 9:00 A.M. are not taken into account for these 6 hours.

2. After that a suspect can be hold in police custody for three days.

3. After these three days a suspect can be brought before an investigation judge who will deicide if suspect has to stay detained for another 14 days. If so a suspect will brought to a jail. During the hearing at the investigation judge the suspect will be supported by a lawyer. The lawyer will receive the file just before the hearing.

Exception: The police custody can be extend with another three days.

– Which personal details or information am I obliged to give?

None. The suspect has an absolute right to remain silent.

– Am i allowed to make a call?

A suspect is always allowed to call his lawyer. During the police custody a suspect is not allowed to call other people. A suspect may ask his lawyer to call his family.

– Am i allowed to contact a lawyer immediatly? if i don´t have one in the country, will i be provided with one?

A suspect is allowed to contact his lawyer before the first interview. If  a suspect doesn’t have his own lawyer, he will be provided with one (for free). In most cases a chosen lawyer will also be able to visit a fan in custody free of charge.

– Anything else to consider? 

What different kind of police units are there in [name of the country]? What are their areas of responsibility? Is there any special football police unit?
There is a national police unit, but football cases will be dealt with by regional police units.

What about the consumption of alcohol inside stadia or in public? If it is not allowed and you’re caught drinking, what can happen?

Drinking is allowed during most games, but it’s never allowed to bring your own drinks. If a supporter is caught for drinking in the stadium (in most cases) he’ll be ordered to leave the stadium.

 Who issues stadium banning orders in The Netherlands and on the basis of which (legal or regulatory) framework are they issued and by whom?

The Dutch FA issues majority of the stadium bans. A criminal judge can also issue a stadium ban as a conditional penalty. A mayor and a prosecutor can hand out an area ban.

Emergency Phone Numbers (incl intl. dialcode):



Anything else I should consider in The Netherlands in any case?

Holland might come across as liberal country because of it’s soft drugs and prostitution policy, but it’s not on all subjects. Towards football supporters the Dutch police is not very tolerant at all. 

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