Do I have to carry an ID Card on me/with me? Is there an obligation to carry a form of ID? If I don’t what are the consequences?

Italian law says that every person must have an ID with him, not only at the stadium but also if you’re walking on the streets. If you don’t have an ID, police can take you at the police station to get your photo and fingerprint for identification.

If you haven’t an ID at the stadium, stewards can’t check if the ticket belong to the ID owner, because in Italy to purchase a ticket – beside thousand of other restrictions – you need to show the original of an ID, and the ticket have your name printed on it.

Is the usage or possession of pyrotechnics legal inside and/or outside the stadia?

It’s illegal. The use of pyros is a crime: from 6 months to 3 years of prison, a fine from 1000 to 5000 euros plus a ban from 2 to 8 years with presentation at the police station during the match of your team.

What are the regulations about buying/selling tickets on the “black market”?

It is not legal and if you buy a ticket you can be fined for thousand of euros. The same if you sell tickets: in this second case you can be banned too.

What happens in case I’m arrested? For how long can you be held at the police station/in prison at maximum? Which personal details or information am I obliged to give? Anything else to consider?

If you are arrested, police must advise the prosecutor immediately. He has 48 hours to ask to the judge the validation of the arrest. The judge has 48 hours more to do it.

At that point, it is the judge that decides of your freedom, no more the police.

Usually, if the crime is not so heavy, they bring you in front of the judge the very next day.

When you’re arrested, best thing to do is to keep silence unless there’s a lawyer with you. You only have to give them your ID. It can happen that some policemen don’t behave in a correct way. Try to keep calm and don’t answer. Always use a correct way to ask things to them. If they are not polite with you, just stop and let the time pass. You have the right to advice of your arrest someone you want and to appoint a lawyer, otherwise they will give you a lawyer appointed by the Court.

What different kind of police units are there in Italy? What are their areas of responsibility? Is there any special football police unit?

In Italy we have Police, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza. Police rules the public order, with the help of Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza. In Italy we only have “Digos Squadra Tifoserie” (Digos Football Squad) but the don’t make public order service. They’re a specialized unit with an investigation role.

What about the consumption of alcohol inside stadia or in public? If it is not allowed and you’re caught drinking, what can happen?

In Italy you can drink beer inside the stadium (light beer, usually, 4-5°) in a plastic glass. Also in public you can drink. In the stadium they sell a coffee with alcohol inside too. It’s difficult to see someone drunk in Italy in the stadium. If you see someone drunk it is probably because he drank outside the stadium.

If you’re caught drunk you can be ejected out, but only if you do something wrong. In public you can be fined or also arrested if you’re drunk and you disturb someone.

Who issues stadium banning orders in Italy and on the basis of which (legal or regulatory) framework are they issued and by whom?

Stadium banning orders in Italy are issued by Police. Only if a ban has the presentation order (it means that you have to go to a police station when you team plays) this last order must be checked in regularity by a judge.

Actually you can be banned, before of being judged, not only if you make a crime in the stadium or besides it (like using violence, throwing objects, using fireworks, bringing weapons etc.), but also if you keep a behavior considered dangerous for public order. Actually if can get bans in Italy for ridiculous reasons, as well to expose a banner that says that someone is innocent. Against the stadium banning order you can only make an action in front of the Regional Court whiuch is very expensive, and Police knows it.

Emergency Phone Numbers (incl intl. dialcode):

POLICE: +39 113

AMBULANCE: +39 118

Anything else I should consider in Italy in any case?

If you see troubles in Italy, stay away from the police and get a safe place to remain until all it’s over.

In case of emergency legal assistance in Italy, the members of our fan lawyer network are happy to assist you:

Lorenzo Contucci

Vialle delle Milizi 138

00192 Roma Italy

Office telephone: +39 0639725397

Mobile phone: +39 3478306836

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Viale delle Milizie 138 – 00192 – Italy.
Office telephone: +39 0639725397
Office fax: +39 0639038777
Mobile phone: +39 3478306836

Viale delle Milizie 138 – 00192 – Italy.
Office telephone: +39 0639725397
Office fax: +39 0639038777
Mobile phone: +39 3478306836

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